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Cafe Coco – Artisan Bakery & Good Eats

The best of local freshness

Cafe Coco brings the freshness by using ingredients locally produced. You’ll find local flavors in all of our pastries, meals, breads, and most everything that we make.
Check out what freshness looks like and where it comes from.

Beets from the garden

Seasonal tomatoes, kale, rosemary, basil, green beans, beets, swiss chard, radishes

Fresh Lettuce

Lettuce - All of our lettuce, all summer long


Potatoes, Kohlrabi, and Spinach

Local Ramps

15,000 lbs of Whole Wheat Flour & Wheat Berries

Fresh Raspberries

Almost all our Berries

Fresh Blueberries


Lake Trout

All our Lake Trout and Smoked Lake Trout

Pouring honey ay Cafe Coco

All our honey

Northern Nectar Honey


All our milk

Feta Cheese

Sassy Nanny Cheeses for Sale Retail and On Our Menu


Seasonal Apples & Retail Apple Butter

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

Charley Ray



Washburn School Garden & Citizens of Washburn

Racey's Tasty Dog Treats

Dog Treats - Retail

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146 W. Bayfield St.
Washburn WI 54891

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