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Artisan Breads

Artisan bread is hand-crafted, not mass produced. It is baked in small batches rather than on a vast assembly line. Artisan bread at Coco is baked from recipes developed by Noreen Ovadia Wills during her two-decade-long experience baking bread, pastries and cakes. Coco’s bread differs from packaged supermarket loaves in a number of ways including special attention to ingredients and a return to the fundamentals of traditional bread-making. You’ll taste the difference immediately. Coco’s traditional breads have substance and natural flavors, very different from the soft, chemical-laden commercial breads (read the label on a package of mass-produced bread).

Usually, bread baked by Coco will have about five ingredients while a store-bought loaf of mass-produced wheat bread might have nearly twenty. The basic building blocks of Coco’s bread are flour, water, yeast and salt. Coco breads contain no artificial ingredients, dough conditioners, etc. Sourdough is added for some breads; eggs and sugar for others. Many of Coco breads qualify as vegan because they contain no animal products.

In most cases, bread can be made to order in either boule (round) or traditional loaf pan shapes.

Baguettes – These long French loaves have the crispy crust that Parisians love. The recipe for Coco’s light sourdough baguettes consistently won “Best of the Twin Cities” during the 1980s. Available every day.

Barley Bread – This boule stays moist and delicious for a week. It is made with whole barley and white flour.

Blue Cheese Rosemary Bread – There’s just enough blue cheese andfresh rosemary in this boule to let you know it’s there. Not vegan.

Challah – A rich, braided bread popular with Jewish and Eastern European families. Not vegan.

Ciabatta Buns
– Traditional Italian “slipper” bread in loaves for slicing isnot vegan because it contains milk. Available every day.

Cinnamon Raisin Swirl – A hint of whole wheat and lots of raisins gives this bread its great flavor. Boule.

Farmhouse White Sandwich – This firm grained white bread is straight from Tante Anna’s farm recipe. It is made with butter, milk and eggs, and is great for sandwiches. Traditional loaf. Not vegan.

Focassia – This flat Popular in Italy as a snack as well as dinner bread. It makes sandwich really great sandwiches.

Harvest Grain – Cracked wheat, sunflower seeds, millet, flax seed, cornmeal and local honey makes this whole wheat bread both hearty and delicious. Available every day. Traditional loaf.

Kalamata Olive Bread – Absolutely fabulous toasted (and, of course, fresh), this light-colored rye incorporates fresh thyme and those famous, sweet Greek olives. Boule.

Lavash – This traditional flat bread is the most wide-spread type of bread in parts of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. Try it: you’ll see why it is so popular.

Marble Rye – A marbled fusion of light and dark ryes makes it this bread worth stealing. Just ask Jerry Seinfeld (episode 111, January 24, 1996). Coco’s dark rye bread is made the traditional way without caramel color added. Traditional loaf.

Potato Cheddar – This bread is a Coco favorite. It makes great sandwiches. Boule. Not vegan.

Potato Rosemary – Inspired by Old World potato breads, potato rosemary is excellent for sandwiches. It is made with potatoes from scratch – not dehydrated flakes – and fresh rosemary. Watch for it; it is not featured on the menu but appears from time to time. Boule.

Rustic Rye – You might find this heavy, dark rye on “Rye-O-Rama” Thursdays. It is made with rye sours and traditional cocoa and coffee for color and flavor. We can’t make it every week because it requires aging. Boule.

Sourdough White – A light sourdough bread in the round shape. Available every day. Boule.

Washburn Cranberry Walnut – This is very special pumpernickel bread with cranberries and walnuts is a local favorite. It is not sweet and it is perfect with turkey sandwiches. It is also great with butter or cream cheese. Traditional loaf. Not vegan, contains butter.

Whole Wheat
– Whole wheat, white flours and locally harvested honey make this whole wheat bread very special, indeed. Traditional loaf.

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